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THE KITCHEN MUST HAVES METAL TONGS – These triangle tongs stainless steel kitchen accessories are a ‘must haves’ tool for cooking whether BBQ grilling, fish and chicken frying and even grabbing anything hot or cold that you do not want to use your hands, these tongs for serving food are the perfect solution! Our Rattleware kitchen tongs for cooking measure 7.60 x 5.75 x 1.54 inches and are ideal for home, cafe, restaurant, hotel, office, or any commercial establishment use.
DURABLE STAINLESS-STEEL MATERIAL – Our triangle stainless steel tongs were created with durability in mind. We’ve designed these stainless-steel tongs for cooking to be a high-performance triangle tongs kitchen and the all-stainless construction emphasizes durability that will last a long period of time.
COMFORTABLE GRIPS THAT MAKE LIFTING FOODS EASY – This Rattleware heavy-duty tongs for cooking feature comfortable grips that make lifting of any food super easy! The stainless-steel tongs are very easy to use, can withstand high temperatures, and are designed to protect your hands from scalding or burning when frying foods.

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CENTERED AROUND CUSTOMER SERVICE – Rattleware designs and manufactures tools for serious professionals who take pride in their work. Is there a product you think is missing? Have a way to improve on a design? We are a small business, with a passion for creating high-quality tools and we want to hear from you. Rattleware is trusted by professionals worldwide and ships worldwide.

STRONG AND EFFECTIVE – Rattleware’s products are strong and effective. It is our passion to create tools that simultaneously improve workflow while creating high-quality coffee, and food, in an efficient, attractive work environment. We have a full line of products. Try Rattleware tools and feel the difference.

خدمة العملاء المركزية- تُصمم وتُصنع رتلوير أدوات للمهنيين الجادين الذين يعتزون بعملهم. أهناك منتج تعتقد أنه مفقود؟ ألديك طريقة لتحسين التصميم؟ نحن شركة صغيرة ذات شغف لإبتكار أدوات عالية الجودة، ونريد السماع منك. فإن رتلوير موثوقة من قِبل الخبراء العالميين وتشحن لجميع أنحاء العالم.

القوة والفعالية- إن منتجات رتلوير قوية وفعالة. فإن شغفنا يكمُن بإبتكار الأدوات التي تُحسن طريقة سير العمل وتُنتج قهوة وطعام عالي الجودة بآنٍ واحد، في بيئة عمل جذابة وفعالة. لدينا مجموعة متكاملة من المنتجات. فلتجرب أدوات رتلوير وأشعر بالفرق.


强力和效力- RW的产品不但强,而且有效的。在有吸引力和高效的工作环境中,我们对创造提高工作流程,同时生产高质量咖啡和食物的高质量工具有感兴趣。我们有全系列的产品。你们使用RW的产品并感受不同之处。

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Dimensions 9 × 3 × 2 in


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